Dr. Jarno M. A. Tanskanen & The Team



Globally in 2018, estimated over 140 000 organ transplantations were performed (kidneys: 95 000; livers: 34 000; hearts: 8 000; lungs: 6 000; pancreases: 2 000; small bower: 160). In Europe on an average year, 41 000 patients are transplanted (63 % kidney, 24 % liver, 6 % heart), while 48 000 new patients are registered on waiting lists. In USA in 2018, for example, 3755 kidneys (i.e., 17.9 % of the donated kidneys), 278 pancreata, 707 livers, 3 intestines, 23 hearts, and 317 lungs were discarded. There is a great and increasing need for more donated organs and salvaging as many of the harvested organs as possible.

We aim at salvaging the borderline organs that would otherwise be thrown away. For this, our technology will provide the transplanting surgeon data on the organ degradation during transport and the degradation status on the spot in the operating room.


In the coming decades, laboratory-grown organs will become viable treatments to complement, and in time replace, organ transplantations. Similarly, laboratory-grown tissue replacements will eventually become de facto treatments of numerous brain and heart diseases, for example. However, in the basic and preclinical research towards organ and tissue replacement therapies using electrically active tissue replacements (such as neuronal or cardiomyocyte organoids), there is currently no method to assess the electrical activity inside a 3D piece of tissue or organoid. However, it would be crucial to know if the 3D piece or organoid was alive, i.e., electrophysiologically active.

With our technology, the electrical activity inside each 3D piece of tissue or organoid can be assessed during tissue replacement research and development, and before implantation in preclinical work.

The Status

We are currently performing applied research and applying for funding for further applied research and full-scale preparation of commercialization activities.


Team Leader, Co-Inventor
Jarno Tanskanen, Assoc. Prof. (Docent), D.Sc. (Tech.)

Business Champion
Donna Kivirauma

Clinical Liaison
Satu Pesola

Active Advisor, Co-Inventor
Jari Hyttinen, Prof., Ph.D.

Experimentation Expert
Annika Ahtiainen, M.Sc.