Toni Heittola

postdoctoral researcher

I am a postdoctoral researcher at Tampere University (Tampere University of Technology until 2018). In my research, I am focusing on automatic content analysis of environmental audio. More


Sound event detection

Automatic sound event detection aims at processing the continuous acoustic signal and converting it into symbolic descriptions of the corresponding sound events present at the auditory scene. Sound event detection can be utilized in a variety of applications, including context-based indexing and retrieval in multimedia databases, unobtrusive monitoring in health care, and surveillance.

Acoustic scene classification

Context recognition can be defined as the process of automatically determining the context around a device. Information about the context will enable wearable devices to provide better service to users' needs, e.g., by adjusting the mode of operation accordingly.

Auditory scene synthesis

Auditory scene synthesis aims to create a new arbitrary long and representative audio ambiance for a location by using a small amount of audio recorded at the exact location. By adding this audio ambiance for the specific location in virtual location-exploration services (e.g. Google Street view) would enhance the user experience, giving the service a more 'real' feeling.

Musical instrument recognition

Understanding the timbre of musical instruments or drums are an important issue for automatic music transcription, music information retrieval and computational auditory scene analysis.