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Main projects by funding bodies

Nordic Green Growth Research and Innovation Programme

(16) Where Does the Green Economy Grow? The Geography of Nordic Sustainability Transitions (Gonst) / Lund University, Sweden (project lead); Aalborg University, Denmark; University of Tampere, Finland; NIFU, Norway; SINTEF, Norway / 2017-2020

Länsförsäkringar Alliance Research Foundation, Sweden

(15) Regional Growth Against all the Odds: The Driving Forces of Long-term Growth in Nordic Regions /  Lund University, Sweden; Tampere University, Finland; Stavanger University, Norway / 2017-2021

Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOS-HS)

(14) Organizational Change for Innovation and Institutional Entrepreneurship in Health-Care Systems [ICIS] / University of Tampere (co-ordinated by prof. Sotarauta); partnered by University of Lund and University of Agder / 2009–2013

European Science Foundation (The Academy of Finland)

(13) Constructing Regional Advantage: Towards State-of-the-art Regional Innovation System Policies in Europe (CRA) / University of Lund; University of Tampere; University of Utrecht; University of Economics and Business Administration; Dokuz Eylül Universit; University of Agder; Charles University; University of Kiel / 2007-2010 

(12) Technology, Talent and Tolerance in European Cities (TTT) / Agder University College; Cardiff University; Lund University; University of Freiberg; University of Tampere; University of Toronto; University of Utrecht / 2004-2007

The Academy of Finland

(11) Creative Capital and Social Capital Directing the Processes of Interactive Strategic Adaptation / 2004-2007

(10) The Invisible Dynamics of the Urban Development Processes: Emerging Patterns of Networks, Knowledge, Images and Power / 2002-2004

Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes)

(9) Innovation Ecosystems, Leadership and Innovation Policy:
Prospective Human Spare Parts and Venture Finance Ecosystems under Scrutiny [EcoLead] / University of California in Davis, University of Lund and Hebrew University Jerusalem
/ 2014-2015

(8) Self-Renewal Capacity of Clusters: Three Level Analysis on Resilience and Innovation Policy (Sere) / 2007-2009 

(7) Local Innovation Systems (LIS) / MIT; University of Cambridge; University of Tampere; Helsinki University of Technology / 2002-2007

The Foundation for Local Government Development

(6) Innovation Capabilities of Innovation Developers [InnoKom] / 2006-2007

European Union

(5) City-Regions as Intelligent Territories - Inclusion, Competitiveness and Learning [Critical] / Newcastle University, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dortmund, University of Tampere / 2002-2005 

(4) Secondary Cities in Territorial Development / European Institute for Urban Affairs, Liverpool; University of Tampere; The Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest / 2010-2012
Cities, ministries, etc.

(3) Developing the Urban Competitiveness / Funded by Tampere Region Centre of Expertise, City of Tampere and Town of Seinäjoki [included endowed professorship for four years] / 2000-2003

(2) Borderless South Ostrobothnia: Creating New Policy-Making and Management Approaches for a World of Shared Power / Funded by Town of Seinäjoki, Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia and European Social Fund / 1998-2000

(1) Innovation environments in small and medium sized towns / funded by Town of Seinäjoki, Seinäjoki Regional Centre Programme, Ministry of Education, University of Tampere / 2006-2010

In addition, approximately 30 applied projects