Professor Markku Sotarauta

New publications

Sotarauta, M. & Beer, A. (eds.) 2021. Handbook on City and Regional Leadership. Cheltenham; Edward Elgar Publishing.

Sotarauta, M. & Suvinen, N. 2021. Place leadership and the challenge of transformation: policy platforms and innovation ecosystems in promotion of green growth. In Cooke, P. (ed.) Dislocation: awkward spatial transitions. Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge.

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Sotarauta, M., Suvinen, N., Jolly, S. & Hansen, T. 2021. The many roles of change agency in the game of green path development in the North. European Urban and Regional Studies, 28 (2) 92-110

Sotarauta, M., Kurikka, H. Kolehmainen, J. & Sopanen, S. 2021. Toimijuus ja mahdollisuuksien  tilat aluekehityksessä: Miten kehittyä vastoin kaikkia oletuksia? Sente-julkaisuja 35/2021, Tampere; Tampereen yliopisto.

Sotarauta, M. & Beer. A 2021. Local and regional development thinking and its evolution in Finland. In Kalliomäki, H., Karppi, I. & Mäntylä, N. (eds.) Julkinen toiminta murroksessa: Tampereen ja Vaasan yliopistojen hallintotieteiden valintakoeteos 2021 (A book for the entrance exam in administrative scieces at Tampere University and the University of Vaasa in 2021). Vaasan yliopiston raportteja. Vaasa; Vaasan yliopisto (University of Vaasa)


"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something
you want done because they want to do it." 

Dwight D. Eisenhower