-What is this game about?-

You adopt a pet which isn't like how you expected it to be, though you don't really mind it. Like any pet yours requires food and affection to thrive. Other than that you're not sure what else to expect. The most important thing however is that you have given your new pet a loving home.

Your new pet in your apartment

Your new pet in your apartment.

-What can I actually do in this game?-

This is a virtual pet game for Android. Currently there's basic care (feeding and petting) in the game. There's also a minigame you can play to earn in-game currency. There's already one functional item you can buy with this currency. Many features are however either unfinished or completely lacking so far. For example and both items and achievements already exist within the game but have not been completed. A way to finish the game has not been implemented yet.

The pet getting the first place after winning the jumping minigame against a European hare.

The pet after winning the jumping minigame.

-Where will this game be availabe later?-

At least on Below is a picture of the game's logo:

A picture of the game's logo

KitsuCare logo

-Who's behind this game?-

My name is Laura Julkunen and KitsuCare is my personal game project I started in 2020. I'm the main developer of this game, I got help with the code early on but other than that all programming and graphics are done by me. There's no audio.

A picture of the developer