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VHF Yagi-antennas (12.5 kB
My FM-yagi antennas in Christmas 1995 when temperature dropped -25 C below zero


DX-listener (or DXer) is a person who tries to catch radio stations (usually on AM but also on FM and even TV) from far away countries and sends reception reports to the stations he has heard. Radio stations (hopefully) confirm reception reports with their QSL-card and other promo material. As a DXer you don't have to learn morse codes or get any licencies (like in Ham-radio). Because DX-listeners listen to normal "public service" radio stations, you don't need to have expensive transmitters. Personally I have verifications (QSLs) from 136 different countries and over 400 different stations.

Lately I have mainly consentrated on FM (VHF) stations and worked with propaganda-side of the hobby. I have just finished the first version of my DX-site UNID. Currently I am a member of two Finnish DX-Clubs:

  • Finnish DX-Association (Suomen DX-Liitto) is the national umbrella organization of the Finnish DX-clubs.
  • Tampere DX-Club (Tampereen DX-kuuntelijat) is the local branch of Finnish DX-Association in the Pirkanmaa area.

Generation X

Grown up in a world of media frenzy, overeducated but underestimated? Feel like you never gonna get that dream job of yours but not ready to work double shifts at McDonald's either? Do you struggle between your own ideas of success and those of your parents?

Some G-X's recources on the Net:

Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, daŘber muss man schweigen (4.4 kB)


Some great philosophical books for the beginners: and maybe not for the beginners:

Reading, Music, TV and movies

Crash (16 kB)
Ever thought using your display as a practise target?

Web and graphics design

For me web design and graphics are a great new chance to express myself. It's always nice to find visually exciting and well executed web pages and even better to be able to create them yourself. I am also working as a part time web designer - a great way to earn some money from something I enjoy.
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