My latest verifications (20.4.2000): Radio Práchen, Pisek 89,0 - Antenne Tirol, Inzing 101,8 - Antenne Steiermark, Dobl 99,1 - Trent FM, Nottingham 96,2 - Alouette FM, Pouzauges (85) 92,8 e-mail, v/s Léopold Aries - Radio Fantasy, Celje 87,8 e-mail, T-shirt - Radio Krakow Malopolska, Nowy Sacz 90,0 e-mail, v/s Marcin Niemczyk

Lists of all of my QSLs can be found in Lists section.

On this page I have collected some of my favourite verifications and QSLs from the last couple of years. I'll try to add new some QSLs every once and while. (New verifications added 20.5.1999).

FM Stations

  1. K-FM 101,6MHz Wrotham, UK.
  2. Radio Argovia 90,3MHz Brugg, Switzerland.
  3. Radio Berg 99,7MHz Bergisch Gladbach, Germany.
  4. Radio Framboise 88,2MHz Evian-les-Bains (France), Switzerland.
  5. Radio Manila 98,5MHZ Torino, Italy.
  6. Radio Ramasuri 88,5MHz Tirschenreuth, Germany.
  7. RMF FM (Radio Muzyka Fakty) 88,2MHz Kielce, Poland.
  8. Radio Visitors 105,5MHz Tampere, Finland (pirate).
  9. South East Radio 96,4MHz Wexford, Ireland.
  10. 88.6 Live 88,6MHz, Wien, Austria.
AM Stations
  1. WAUB 1590kHz, Auburn, NY.
  2. Radio Villa Rica 4804kHz, Huancavelica, Peru.
  3. Radio Zaracay 3395kHz, Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador.