Jaakko Hakulinen



17.11.1974 in Joensuu.


Computer science in University of Joensuu (nowadays part of University of Eastern Finland) from fall 1993 to fall 1998.

Graduated (MSc) in 1998. Master thesis subject: "Speed and Error Rate Differences Between Graphical User Interface Components" (an english translation of it's finnish name)

Post-graduate studies in University of Tampere (now Tampere University from 1999-2006. My doctoral dissertation is titled "Software Tutoring in Speech User Interfaces". I defended the thesis December 8th, 2006 and my opponend was Lars Bo Larsen from Aalborg University. I received a Ph.D. degree from Faculty of Information Sciences in December 2006.


I am university researcher working in the Speech Based and Pervasive Interaction Group, part of TAUCHI in Information Technology and Communication Sciences Faculty. I have also supported SILK research center in MED Faculty. All at Tampere University, Finland.

Work history:

For publications, see, e.g., Research Gate profile or Google Scholar page.


e-mail: jaakko.hakulinen@tuni.fi
home address: Järvensivuntie 11B3, 33100 Tampere
phone: (work): +358-50-318 7729
phone: (mobile) +358-50-586 6358
Office: PinniB 2003