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Demonic Texts and Textual Demons

  Note on this edition

Note on this edition: this is an electronic version of the 1999 book,
which was published by Tampere University Press. This PDF
version is provided free of charge for personal and educational
use, under the Creative Commons license with
author’s permission. Commercial use requires
a separate special permission.

Individual chapters linked below do not include any illustrations,
but since the printed book is no longer available, an attempt has been done to
restore the original illustrations into the "Full text in PDF format"
version (see link below).

(cc) 2005 Frans Ilkka Mäyrä




The Beginnings - 1


1. The Ancestry of the Demonic - 22
2. The Demonic in the Self - 51
3. Unravelling the Demonic Text - 79


4. Demons of Horror: Intimations of an Inner Alien - 110
5. Mothering a Demon: Rosemary’s Baby - 122
6. The Inarticulate Body: Demonic Conflicts in The Exorcist - 139
7. Good at Being Evil: the Demons of The Vampire Chronicles - 164
8. The (Un)Traditionalist: Clive Barker’s Devil - 186
9. Technodemons of the Digital Self - 198
10. The Satanic Verses and the Demonic Text - 240
The Epilogue - 277
Bibliography - 285
Index - 322

Full text in PDF-format (with images)

Frans Ilkka Mäyrä